B3D Blender 3D Asset Bank Setup

How to Install – Setup InDizains B3D Blender 3D Asset Bank!

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How to Synchronize:

1.Navigate to your Google Drive section – Shared With Me
2.Click on the B3D ASSET BANK folder and use combination Shift + Z to add this folder to your Google Drive.
3.Download and install Google Drive Synchronization and BackUp Tools | Download >>>
4.Once installed, find the little “Cloud” symbol on the right bottom corner of the screen.

5.Right mouse button on the “Cloud” symbol and choose “Three Dots” —> Preferences
6.When Preferences are open, choose Google Drive – Sync Some Folders
7.Wait until all folders have been loaded.
8.Check the B3D Asset Bank checkbox option or choose from the folder you want to Synchronize from the B3D Asset Bank, as all collections contain approx. 150GB

9.Once it did, you must wait until all your chosen folders are Synchronized.

10.While waiting, you can download and install the B3D 3D Asset Manager add-on for Blender 2.90 | Download >>>

11.When B3D Manager Add-on installed on the Blender system, navigate to Blender Preferences and paste your Google Drive Synchronization folder path (that is on your local PC) into B3D Manager Add-on Preferences Master Libray Path.

That is it – you are done!
Please take note that it will take a while to Synchronize all folder and 3D Assets, so do not worry if you won’t see all folder or 3D Assets immediately.

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